AKILA’s handmade beaded bags

AKILA, a fashion designer and accessories brand for men and women, is gradually becoming a household name in Ghana. Established as an online shop for bead products two years ago, the brand currently sells in Ghana, Nigeria, Holland, Germany and the United States.


AKILA which means an intelligent girl in the Egyptian Language was established by Ruth-Maria Assandoh in partnership with her sister, Emilia Assandoh in 2013.

“Our vision is to be the leading producer of handmade beaded accessories in West Africa and beyond while projecting our Ghanaian culture and heritage,” she told Totalshowbiz.

Ruth-Maria Assandoh and Dr Joyce Aryee at an exhibition
Ruth-Maria Assandoh and Dr Joyce Aryee at an exhibition

The company delivers top quality beaded bags and accessories that truly define the profile and personality of its users and bring out in them an afrocentric touch of class and elegance. Over 90 per cent of AKILA products are for women.

With Ms Ruth-Maria Assandoh as the Creative Director and Ms Emilia Assandoh as the Production Manager the corporate vision is being driven to deliver profitability and growth.

Collectively, the team has over 10 years management experience with extensive training and key competencies in contemporary fashion design and business management and has proprietary knowledge of its unique bead-bags and beaded- accessories making process to deliver top-quality afro-centric bags and accessories for its cherished pool of clients.


AKILA has at present explored the areas of using beads for the making of slippers, bracelets, clutch and hand bags, travel bags, iPad cases, lap top bags, suitcases among others. “Occasionally we make use of gold plated metals, bamboo, African prints, and chain straps in the production process”, Ms Assandoh said.

She added that “In this era of globalization, coupled with cultural advancement, I decided to evolve my business to suit people of the 21st century and I must say I have had people supporting me and urging me on while others also appreciated my work and inspired me to continue to work towards the attainment of my vision”.

AKILA owns a shop at Dansoman in Accra where together with her team produce for the standard market and also make customized products for her customers.

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