#TalentThursday: Meet Fatau Keita, authentic and refreshing music

Among the few benefits of being a music writer is that, you get a lot of music sent to you by many people.

On many occasions, the songs are not that solid- poor produced and hackneyed lyrics. Others prove to be very enchanting and different, leaving you wanting to hear more of it. And many of the songs are from artistes you have never heard about. One of such artistes whose song has gotten me gripped is Fatau Keita.

One of such artistes whose song has gotten me gripped is Fatau Keita. Fatau’s genre of music can be described as Traditional African Pop Music- he borrows and blends myriad of musical influences such as Highlife, Afrobeats, Soul, Reggae, Funk and Hip hop. Aside these various musical influences, Fatau Keita, a Dagomba from the Northern region of Ghana sings in various Ghanaian languages such as Dagbani (his mother tongue), Twi and Hausa.

Fatau Keita

If there is a song that merges all the influences that Fatau oozes in terms of musical influences, it is Selina. The song mixes dondo and percussion rhythms with horn sections in the opening. The traditional kologo strings floats over the two initial sounds before it gives way to the afrobeat vibes which, finally, stitches the various sounds together.

What is also pleasing is that, the song has a long introduction (opening)-his voice came through first after the 1 minute, 11 seconds mark- an uncommon attraction in contemporary music. The introduction usually readies the listener for what is to come.

Singing in a clear, raw yet calm voice reminiscent of a veteran artiste, Fatau Keita’s Selina is obviously a love song, probably of him exalting the beauties, womanhood and qualities of Selina in his native Dagbani language.

Selina is a beautifully made song with a riveting rhythm. Like many of his songs, Fatau Keita does not compromise on his musical heritage- the Dagomba (Northern Region), the Ghanaian and African rhythms.

You can listen to his songs below:

By: Swaye Kidd/TotalShowbiz.com