Does Dr Abu Sakara still want to be president? He’s 58 years today

Dr. Michael Abu Sakara Foster, popularly known as Abu Sakara  is 58 years today.

The famed agronomist and former Convention People’s Party (CPP) flagbearer is yet to receive some love from his followers on his various social media sites, compared to what John Mahama and Nana Addo, the leading political figures enjoy on their birthdays.

The former presidential candidate who resigned early January 2016 is yet to put up a picture or a celebratory message to himself.

It is also unclear what his political plans are after his exit from the CPP.

About Dr. Sakara

The affable politician was  born in Damongo in the Northern Region on 15th August, 1958, to a school teacher who doubled as a politician in the pre-independence era as a District Commissioner and a member of parliament for Damongo-Daboya constituency.

Dr. Sakara’s love relationship with politics can be attributed to his father’s political stint. Adopted by his father’s missionary friends, Dr. Abu Sakara left the shores of Ghana after his secondary school education and moved permanently to Ghana in 2008.

In  line with his development goals, he has  established about 100 acres of cashew plantation and is rearing  cattle as well.

He intends on developing an agro-processing industry that has a comparative advantage in that ecological niche. Dr. Sakara has mobilized capital among his associates to form Buuwuloso Rural Bank based in Damongo. The rural bank serves a few Districts in Western part of the Northern region.

He is also in real estate and other business interests.

Happy birthday Dr. Sakara.