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2 years ago this week: Sarkodie & Ace Hood’s ‘New Guy’ controversy boils in Ghana


In May 2015, some controversial rumours started popping up that Sarkodie paid American rapper Ace Hood $25,000 for the collaboration on the hit song ‘New Guy.’

This story popped up after Sarkodie claimed in an interview that Ace Hood contacted him to shoot a video. “When he looked at what was going on in Africa, the kind of sound he was looking for, and luckily for Sark, it was me… So I got my agents in the States, who contacted me to inform me that Ace Hood contacted; and I was like [taken aback], because mostly it happens the other way round when Africans try to get the attention of these people.”

Then Ace Hood replied to a tweet by a fan who was angry at Sark’s comments and stated that he agreed after “dat 25k hit my acc…”


Despite this controversy, ‘New Guy’ went on to be a hit song and it looks like Ghanaians have forgotten about whether it was Sark who contacted Ace or it was Ace who contacted Sark; though the fact that the song tells us that Sarkodie is the one who featured Ace Hood still remains.

The song is a good one and will remain one of Sarkodie’s best songs.