M.anifest talks about making it in Ghanaian music on BBC Global Beats

Ghanaian rapper M.anifest featured on this weekend’s edition of Global Beats when the show went to Marche International de la Musique (MIDEM) in France.

At MIDEM, M.anifest and the other artists who were featured were given expert advice everything from choreographing stage shows to doing press interviews and using social media.

M.anifest talked about how he and other Ghanaian artistes get their music to the audience with the platforms that are available to them.

“There’s different levels to it – There’s the Ghanaian layer which is still not as very digital, but the fans are there…, the diaspora is also very important… it’s becoming very significant,” he said.

He also noted that he’s gone beyond the point where any major record label would force him to be less characterful. “It’s too late for me for that kind of pressure to work.”

Listen to the full show here.


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