VVIP to feed 10,000 patrons of SallahFest 2017

Hiplife group VVIP will bring the 2017 edition of their annual Sallafest on ‘sallah’ day.

The event brings Muslims together every year on the Chapter O Street at Nima in Accra.

At the launch of the 2017 SallahFest, Nii Futah, the chief of Nima, said, “Let us all, in this period of Ramadan, keep in mind the saying of ‘Ubaid Ibn ‘Umair, rahimahu Allah, “On the day of judgment, people will be gathered as hungry as they have ever been and as thirsty as they have ever been and as naked as they have ever been. Then, he who has fed for the sake of Allah, ‘azza wa jalla, Alla will feed him till he is full.”

This year’s SallahFest will be organised in collaboration Chapter O, EXP and 4Syte TV. IT will be held on June 26.

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