Bulldog criticizes Samini for choosing Ebony over Kaakie

The CEO of Bullhaus Entertainment, Bulldog, has called out Samini for allegedly choosing Ebony over Kaakie.

Some reports going round lately suggest that Samini stated that Ebony is better than Kaakie. This would be an awkward thing to say because it is known that Kaakie is a Samini girl.

“I’ll be surprised if really Samini chose Ebony over Kaakie, if it’s true he said that then he [Samini] has shot himself in the foot. Samini brought Kaakie up so does it mean he didn’t believe in her?” Bulldog said on Joy Prime.

“Is Samini not proud of his work?… so for me, it’s not about Kaakie but about Samini, because she embodies Samini more. When Kaakie was coming up, it was High-Grade Family that held her up so if Samini is saying this today, then all the work he did was for nothing.”

Bulldog was managing Shatta Wale until recently when the two broke up following a heated beef.

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