I think I’m amazing – D Black responds to critics

Ghanaian rapper D Black has critically responded to those who say that he is not a good musician.

In an interview with Delay, D Black said that he cannot be compared to Sarkodie, who is a lyricist.

“Don’t compare me to Sarkodie, he is a fine lyricist and rapper. I’m a businessman, I’m an entertainer. I will make music and you will dance to it and I get paid for that and that’s it.”

He further stated that what he does is a job and so he doesn’t care about what others say about him

“Your opinion is your opinion but I’m fine, I’m working. It’s a job, that’s where it ends for me. I think I’m amazing and a lot of people feel the same too.

Many people have criticised D Black for what they call bad lines when he raps. it’s got to the extent that Wanlov dissed him about his lines when the two got their beef a few months ago.

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