Rufftown Records denies rumours of Ebony’s departure

The management of Rufftown Records has come out to deny reports that singer Ebony Reigns has left to join a Nigerian record label.

The rumours have been going around for a while and the company has been quick to release a statement to state that there is still a cordial working relationship with the artist.

“The management of Ebony Reigns wishes to inform all interested parties and persons that there is no truth in any of the issues raised in the said story and that the relationship between the management team and the artist remains intact, solid, cordial, strong and unflinching.”

The statement went on to assure the singer’s fans that, “For the avoidance of any doubt, let’s all be informed that Ebony Reigns has not signed, nor intends to sign on to any other label, whether Nigerian or otherwise. The contract between Rufftown Records/Midastouch Inc. and Ebony Reigns remains intact and unchanged.”


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