Ghanaian actress starts campaign to stop ladies from wearing panties

Ghanaian actress Baby Blanche has launched a campaign to stop young women from wearing panties.

She is calling for young women who are over 18 to stop wearing panties. According to her, wearing panties is a major cause of genital infections in women.

“Physician aver that the female genitalia needs to breathe to maintain its pH levels to prevent fungi and odour. In that connection, professional medics in the health fraternity advise going bare below when it is bedtime and at the close of the day for unbridled passage of air to that vital area,” Baby Blanche said at a ceremony to outdoor the ‘Operation Remove Your Dross’ campaign.

“As an advocate of going pantyless, I have lived in the last seven years without panties and have never incurred the wrath of the bacterium at my vital area in relation to any infection.”

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