Obrafour denies making ‘Kasahari’ as a Sarkodie diss

Ghanaian rapper Obrafour has denied reports that his new song, “Kasahari”, is a diss song that is targeted at Sarkodie.

“If people want to misrepresent you, it doesn’t matter how much explanation you give. I did not mention Sarkodie’s name. If in the song I said an imaginary being who touched my crown is the one ‘Kasahari’ has revealed, then it is up to you to interpret,” he told Citi FM in Ghana.

You can see that when some of us came in, we saw where we should take this, but when you sit back and you see where this whole game is going then it leaves much to be desired. The rap is all about vulgarity and insults. The beats are all the same and carry no message. They should sit up and roll their sleeves just like when ‘Pae mu ka’ came.”

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