Photos of Yvonne Nelson’s baby bump finally out after she delivers

Though she didn’t confirm when she was pregnant, it looks like Yvonne Nelson had an interview with WOW Magazine and had a pregnancy photo shoot.

The photos were released by the Magazine on Sunday and they have taken over the internet.

In the edition that features Yvonne, she talks about whether or not the pregnancy was planned.

“It was, and the truth of the matter is, it’s been something I’ve been waiting for since I turned 29. On my 30th birthday, I was in Venice, Italy. I remember the night before my birthday, I called my mum and I was crying. I was so sad, I was seeing someone else then and he was an ideal guy and everything. He took me there for my birthday and he proposed.

He’s somebody I would have loved to have a family with but he wanted me to move to London. My whole life was going to change because of him and it’s not something you should do. You don’t have to change your whole life because of a man, because of your marriage. I’m sure most people do, so in the long run it didn’t work out.”

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